Ellyse Nichole: The Style Seeker 

Ellyse Nichole: The Style Seeker 

f a s h i o n . i n t e r i o r s & all things v i s u a l 

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa-ahh

1.) SHOW SOME PRODUCT CONTROL. If you want a peaceful place to escape, having a plethora of bottles and tubes everywhere will only clutter your enviornment. Go through your cabnets and get rid of anything you do not use on a regular basis, and neatly store the rest in a closed caninet or drawer. 

2.) ARRANGE A TRAYSCAPE. Get a glass or laquered tray and arrange some of your favorite items that bring you inner peace. For example; frangrent candles, soaps, succulent plants, small buddah head.

3.) SHOWCASE A STEM. While a gorgeous full bouquets always looks great, it isn't quite practical to take up that much room. Instead, go for a lovely single orchid. 

4.) PICK A PALETTE. When selecting paint colors, think tranquil hues like muted greys, blues, or greens. You might be surprised at the calming effect it evokes. 

5.)  MASTER THE JELLY ROLL. Say adios to the dingy towels you've had for years, and hello to a set of white fluffy ones. Instead of throwing them in a closet, neatly roll them and store in a woven natural hued basket!



How to Define Your Personal Style

What exactly is style? Well, in a few words it is an effortless confidence in being yourself. It is a way of putting yourself together according to your mood and what you might like to project to the world. For some, personal style comes naturally, but for others, it may take time to define and refine. Remember, insist on yourself. Never imitate! 




Take a peek through magazines, books, articles, etc. and tear out images that you find to be inspirational. This could simply consist of colors, textures, patterns, or perhaps full-on ensambles. 


Experiement! Everything that I know about my style is a direct result of trying on a whole lot of clothes! If your budget is tight, check out thrift stores and vintage shops. Believe it or not, this is my favorite way to shop. Your finds will be much more original and special! 


Identifying an individual that has a style you admire, will make pinpointing yours much easier. Whenever I am in need of a little fashion boost I find myself looking at a few of my favorite blogs to inspire my ensemble creativity.


Style does not appear its own, it is something to strive for and work on daily. Granted, we can't go to extremes every morning, but muster up the energy you do have to create a unique ensemble. You might be surprised with how great you feel all day long! 


Your budget . Your body . Your age . Your signature look .


Celebrate your creativity, express your different moods, and show off all facets of your personality!


Falling for Fall Street Style

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. The weather begins to change, the holiday season beams closer, and people seem to be genuinely excited to end an exciting chapter and begin a new one. Along with the fabulousness of season change comes a wonderfully whimsical wardrobe change. I must admit that when the weather evolves into fall, I find myself becoming more creative with my ensembles. The possibilities are endless with each new layer. Below are some gorgeous fall looks that may inspire you to dig a little deeper , and think outside of the box this fall season! Happy Tuesday! xx

Prints Charming @ Topshop

I have come to the conclusion that the most poplar trend right now is prints on prints on more prints. While prepping for this post, I was trying to find a one-stop-shop for this plethora of prints and Topshop has just that! The great thing about this trend is the fact that there is virtually no way to mess it up-the more pattern, the better! So start piling on, and mix and match this fabulous look! 


Lucky Number Seven

1.) Mixed Metals Silverware Set - Target - I have long been searching for a set of fun faux gold silverware, and recently wondered upon this set at Target. The great thing about having a set that contains both gold and silver is its versatility. Not only can you create a table setting worth entertaining for, but you can also dress up a night of chinese takeout.


2.) Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray - Sephora - This little bottle is my go-to when I do not feel like styling my hair. Not only does it give your hair the perfect bounce and volume but it looks as if you just came from a photo shoot with perfectly tousled hair.


3.) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cha Cha Cherry - Target - The perfect shade of cherry red lips. This hue has a wonderful red and orange tone and looks great on any sun-kissed skin tone.


4.) Zara Red Booties - Zara.com - The most comfortable pair of booties I have ever worn. Sometimes a pointed-toe bootie can squeeze your toes and make walking a not so fun endeavor. However, these little babes are positively wonderful, and the color...perfection!


5.) Wunderkind Floral Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Wunderkind.com - Cat-eye sunglasses are all the rage right now, but the trick is to find a pair that stands out in a crowd of fashionistas. This pair has a fabulous shape and the floral pattern makes for an eye-catching accessory. 


6.) Eminence Apricot Whip Moisturizer - Amazon.com - Moisturizer from the Gods. Not only is the scent of this cream to die for, but the the consistency as well. It employs the perfect combination of moisture and hydration without leaving your skin feeling weighed down and oily. 


7.) Los Angeles City Artwork - Amazon.com - Artork that showcases a particular city is super fun to display in your home. Whether it be over a bar area, in the kitchen, or even in your entryway. 

Real People Real Style

I find nothing to be more inspirational than real women with fantastic individual style! Below are some fabulous images that showcase true genius when it comes to putting together an ensemble! 

DIY Fairy Dust Necklace

Looking for a new and unique piece of jewelry to add to your collection? Well, why not make your own! Below I have created a step by step guide for a dainty and one of a kind piece! Happy creating!
- Small glass viles (I found mine  here
- Glitter (Michaels)
- Eye hook (Home Depot)
- Necklace Chain (Michaels)
- Jump Ring (Michaels) 
1.) Create a funnel with a piece of paper and pour glitter (of your choice) into the glass vile (about 3/4 full).
2.) Screw the eye hook into the cork.
3.) Cork the bottle and add a small dab of super glue for extra hold.
4.) Thread the necklace chain through the eye hook (if chain is too large to fit through the eye hook, simply attach a jump ring with a pair of pliers, then thread).
And there you have it, your very own fairy dust necklace !!


Style Stalking: Olympic Edition

Who knew red white and blue could be so versatile! Show your support for the USA by looking patriotic chic on a budget (both outfits are composed within $100.00 ea.)! 


Tank: Target

Bangles: Forever 21

Earrings: Claire's

Bag: Lucky Brand

Shorts: American Eagle

Shoes: Steve Madden



Dress: Dillards

Cuffs: ASOS

Earrings: Forever 21

Clutch: Target

Shoes: Macy's Brand 

The Accessory Report

Happy Thursday! With the latest accessory trends, what better way to spruce up your look on a budget than to invest in some special pieces! Below I have composed some of this seasons must-have accessory items!


Pumps: Zara

Frames: Hi Tek

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Geode Ring: White Jasper-Etsy

Earrings: Caddis

Scarf: Dillards

Oxfords: Dolce Vita

Hat: Forever 21

Hoops: Francescas 

Full Finger Ring: Lindsay A-Etsy 


The Bold & The Beautiful

It takes serious guts to go for an extreme look throughout your living environment. For most, Neutrals and pastels make for a more soothing home. However, it is my opinion that incorporating bright hues and bold prints will actually be more stimulating. I have composed a list of pictures that do just this, stimulate the eye and inspire the soul! Happy bold decorating! 

Shop My Shelf

Hey all! I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent purchases!  If you find an urge to look into any of the items, I have listed where I found them and they should all still be available to buy! ENJOY!


FLORAL SILK BLAZER: Vintage find at the Melrose Flea Market! 


GREY CROP TOP: American Apparel 


CHEETAH SCARF: Nordstrom Rack




Lucky Number Seven


1.) Sunburst Mirror (Amazon.com) - This has been on my must-find list for quite some time now. I find that a sunburst mirror has unlimited possibilities. Add it to your entrance for a warm and welcoming look. hang it above your bed for an accent of rich sophistication. The options are endless. Believe it or not, Amazon has a plethora of styles, ranging in color, shape, and style. 

2.) Boutique Leather Crop Top (Boutique.com) - As I am sure you are all aware of, crop tops are all the rage. However, a leather crop top is a new venture for me. Leather is a great addition to an otherwise casual look. Add this style of crop top to a pencil skirt and oversized sweater for a effortlessly chic ensemble. 

3.) Philosophy Grace Body Lotion (Sephora) - This lotion is positively divine! The scent and smooth texture are organically lovely. A pet peeve of mine is when my lotion interferes with the scent of my perfume-this lotion does the exact opposite. You can find Philosophy lotions at Sephora! (Grace is my absolute favorite)

4.) DIY Art At Home (Amazon.com) - This book is a recent find of mine! If any of you are big DIY doers, than this book is a must for you! The projects listed inside are not only super easy (with step by step tutorials), but extremely creative-check it out!

5.) Lucky Turquoise Droplet Earrings (Lucky/Lucky.com) - Turquoise is a wonderful accent for any skin tone or hair color. A small pair of droplet earrings will punch up any look whether casual or fancy!

6.) Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain (Target) - Some lip stains can leave your lips feeling and looking extremely dried out. However, these little babies come with a lovely moisturizing end that coats the stain, leaving your lips looking full of color but not cracked! The color options are absolutely perfect for all skin tones!

7.)  Nine West Fringe Heels (Ninewest.com) - This was one of my purchases in New York City and I must say, it was love at first sight! The heel length and thickness make them perfect for strutting around day or night. And did I mention the fringe? HEAVEN 



DIY Lip Gloss

Have you been searching for the perfect hue of lipgloss? Well, why not create your own! Below is a wonderfully easy tutorial that will guide you through the process. Enjoy!


- Vaseline

- Powdered eye shadow 

- Small empty container

- Small mixing utensil (baby spoon)



1.) Fill your container with Vaseline 

2.) Spinkle your favorite eye shadow on top

3.) Mix the two components together

4.) And there you go, the easiest DIY tutorial of all time, and a beautiful result!

Wall Art

Adding a unique piece to your wall will really give your home character, especially if you think outside the box. Rather than purchasing a typical framed flower or bottle of wine, go on the hunt for images that you would not see on a daily basis. This will make your home look and feel unique. Below are some examples of wall art that I find to be funky, fresh, and extremely individualistic!

1.) DIY Paint Swatches - This is definitely my go-to project when sprucing up any room. Not only is it extremely easy, but no pieces will ever look the same. All you need is a variety of paint colors (I would stick with one color family), and a few thick bristle paintbrushes. Give it a go!

2.) Funky Alphabet - What better way to spice up your bathroom or kitchen than with a multicolored alphabet poster. I found this little gem on Amazon!

3.) DIY Abstract Colors - This is another great example of an easy DIY project. For this particular style, squeeze horizontal lines of paint onto your canvas and drag the back of your paintbrush through them while still wet!

4.) Ocean Surfers - I am a big fan of blue hues throughout a living environment. They make for a tranquil and peaceful place. This poster would look wonderful in a living room with staggered images infused with a blue hue.

5.) Bright & Bold Map - When I first came across this, I fell in love! I love the idea of taking something old (like a map), and creating something new. This lovely piece can be found on postergoods.com 

6.) Black & White Zebra - An image like this can be easily googled and printed straight from your computer! What i love most about this image is the juxtaposition of the camera angle. A vertical piece can add depth and contrast to any wall.

7.) DIY Watercolor - This is another wonderful wall to spice up your wall on a budget! Pick up some watercolor paints and paint away, letting the watercolor drip down your piece vertically! 

8.) City Map - This is a brilliant piece for over a bar area! Grab a map for the city your come from or reside in and frame it proudly! These maps can be found on Amazon!

DIY Neon Trim Flats

Do you have an old pair of shoes that you were considering throwing away? Don't! All they need is a fresh coat of paint! 


- Old pair of shoes with stitching or trim

- Neon paint pens (Elmer's Painters Neon 5 Pack is ideal. They can be purchased on Amazon)



1.) Find  a pair of shoes that you want to make over and be sure they are clean (Just wipe them down with a damp cloth)

2.) Grab a paint pen of your choice and start creating!

3.) Once you have completed one shoe, move to the other. Don't forget to mark each shoe twice-this will ensure that the color is as vibrant as possible!



Summer Inspiration

What better for a Friday than to gaze at beautiful images to get inspired for summer! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. Enjoy yourselves, you only live once! =)

Lucky Number Seven


1.) Vintage Trunk - A piece like this is rather easy to come by if you take a peek in vintage or thrift stores nearby your home. A trunk can be used for many different things. For traveling of course, used for decor in a bedroom, as a prop piece o stage accessories, or even stacked with others for a table (ex: bedside). 

2.) Peach Mango Smoothie - This is a delicious and healthy treat to make during the hot summer months! INGREDIENTS: 2/3 cup frozen sliced peaches, 2/3 cup frozen mango pieces. 2/3 cup peach nectar juice (or juice of your choice), 1 tablespoon honey, i container organic fat-free vanilla yogurt. PREP: Place all ingredients in blender and process for 2 minutes or until smooth. This recipe makes 2 servings! 

3.) Topshop Nude Maxi Dress - A nude maxi dress is the quintessential item to have in your closet. Not only does it look great on every skin tone but it can be worn during the day to a BBQ with flats, or during the evening with heels and a chunky necklace.

4.) Nordstrom Gold Colar Necklace -  A statement piece like this one is a fabulous addition to any look. Whether you pair it with a white tee and jeans, or a black fitted dress, this will make any ensemble pop.

5.) Macy's Tropical Clutch - This clutch is a part of Macy's new"Brazil" line. The pieces are full of bold colors and wonderful patterns. A funky textured clutch is a superb purchase for not only summertime, but all year long! Punch up an ordinary look with an eye-catching bag!

6.) Crate & Barrel Acrylic Coffee Table - I have long been lusting over a coffee table like this one. I love the modern yet vintage feel that an acrylic table showcases.

7.) Entourage Season 8 - I am a die-hard Entourage fan, and I couldn't be more excited that the most current season is on DVD. Take one of your weekend days when you can completely relax, and re-watch this action-packed season!

The Travel Guide

Since I am leaving for New York City in a few days, I thought I would share some of my packing essentials. For me, packing can sometimes be a bit stressful because you have to think so far ahead. However, if you think of staple, must-have items, your packing experience will be a lot easier. I hope you find this helpful next time you head out for a trip! Happy Tuesday! 


1.) Bright Colored Luggage (EcoCase) - Pick a piece of luggage that will stand out amongst the rest.




2.) Clear Travel Pouch - This will easily hold all of your beauty products in an easy-to-see fashion.

3.) Bumble & Bumble Tonic Shampoo - This shampoo will help rid your hair of travel residue.

4.) Bumble & Bumble Defrizz - When traveling to different climates, having an anti-frizz on hand is extremely helpful.

5.) Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Wipes - Having make-up remover wipes while traveling is a must. You will want to cleanse your face throughout the day/night.

6.) Evian Facial Mist - This little product is pure genius. A refreshing mist for your face when feeling warm. 

7.) Nivea Cream - Different climates will cause your skin to dry and this moisturizer is the perfect for not leaving your skin feeling oily.

8.) Clinique Dramatically Different face Lotion - After a long day out and about, apply face lotion to your face, you will notice a huge difference the next day. 




9.) Small Messenger Bag (Kate Spade) - Bring along a small purse when traveling since you will most likely be carrying other items throughout the day.

10.) Fitted Leather Jacket (Nordstrom) - A leather jacket is one of the most versatile items-you can dress it up or down.

11.) Portable & Automatic Umbrella (Target) - Weather can be an unpredictable thing, especially if you are headed to the east coast. 

12.) Simple Black Sunglasses (Marc Jacobs) - A pair of sunglasses will become your best friend when traveling.

13.) Studded Flat Sandals (Pixie Market) - Usually when traveling, your means of transportation is your feet. So, rather than going for the 4 inch platforms, find a pair of chic sandals that will be comfortable while looking fabulous. 




14.) Oversized & Lightweight Tote - Something in a neutral tone that doesn't have a lot of weight to begin with.

15.) iPhone & Case - This will most likely be your means of contact, maps, mail, and much more.

16.) Kindle Fire - If you are a reader, this little baby is absolutely fabulous. You can catch up on all of your reading materials from magazines, books, and newspapers without all the bulk. 

17.) Magazine (Vogue) - I like to keep a physical magazine with me at all times- it provides instant inspiration.

18.) Water (Smart Water) - It is extremely important to stay hydrated while traveling.

19.) Earphones (Skull Candy) - Perfect for easy-listening during your down time.

20.) Protein Bar (Luna Bar) - If you are on the go and don't have time to grab a bite, a protein bar will come in handy. 

21.) Gum (Orbit) - Easy way to quickly freshen your breath while out and about. 

DIY Chain Camera Strap


A camera is an extremely necessary item to have with you at all times. You never know when you might need to stop and snap for inspiration, run into an old friend, or simply capture scenery as you see it. Rather than sticking with the boring nylon strap, why not spice up your camera with a chunky chain.


-2 m of strong but lightweight chain (bronze looks best in my opinion)

-2 sliplock buckles (I used the ones that came on my camera)

-50 cm of strong nylon webbing

-E6000 glue


1.) Cut the nylon webbing in half

2.) Slide one end of the nylon webbing through the camera strap holder on the camera 

3.) Thread one of the sliplock buckles on the outer lower half on the nylon webbing

4.) Fold the chain in half and slide the two loose ends onto the nylon webbing

5.) Double the nylon webbing over and pass back through the sliplock buckle

6.)Thread the other loose end through the sliplock buckle and reinforce both ends with E6000 glue

7.) Press down to dry (to reinforce the glue, you can also add a few hand stiches) Finally, repeat this process for the other end of the strap

And Ta-Da you are finished! You now have a very personalized way to carry your camera everywhere you go!

Short Story

A good pair of shorts can sometimes be hard to come by, especially at an affordable price! With the summer season in full swing, it became my mission to locate inexpensive but extremely chic shorts! Below I have comprised a list of summer's essential short styles! I hope you find this helpful when shopping this summer season, without breaking the bank! 


The perfect summer Short for under $50.00!


1.) American Eagle Ombre Short $40.00

2.) American Eagle Lime Short $34.00

3.) Pacsun Bullhead Boyfriend Jean Short $40.00

4.) J Crew Floral Short $50.00

5.) Topshop Embellished Short $20.00

6.) Topshop Leather Eyelet Short $45.00



I know that my posts are usually related to fashion and interior design but I could not keep this recipe to myself! I abolsutely LOVE Gazpacho during the summer time. In case you are not familiar with Gazpacho, it is a cold soup. Now don't get turned off right away, I promise it is absoluetly wonderful! After many experimentations, I can officially say that this recipe is the best I have found! Try it out and let me know how much you love it! =)

Recipe for 4 to 6 people


What you'll need:

*2 1/4 pounds ripe tomatoes

*1 red pepper

*1/4 red onion {peeled and roughly chopped}

*1 cucumber {peeled and seeded}

*2 cloves of garlic {seeded} If any of you are like me, and do not seem to agree with garlic-I made this recipe sans garlic and it was still absolutely fabulous

*1 tablespoon chopped tarragon

*2 tabelspoons sherry vinegar

*1/3 cup olive oil

*sea salt and pepper

*Dash of chili flakes


The Process:

1.) Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for one minute. Rinse under cold water to stop the cooking process. Peel, core, seed and then dice them

2.) In the bowl of your food processor {a blender will work just fine also}, combine tomatoes, pepper, cucumber, onion, garlic, tarragon, and a dash of chili flakes. Blend until very smooth in texture

3.) Stir in the sherry vinegar, olive oil and season with salt and pepper

4.) Transfer to container, cover and refrigerate for a minimal of three hours {overnight is preferred}

5.) When it's serving time, spoon into bowls and garnish with cilantro, onions, cucumber, etc. {You can't really go wrong with the add-ons}



Lucky Number Seven


1.) Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub {With summer now upon us, it is extremely important to take care of your skin! This sugar scrub is wonderfully scrumptious and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and ready for basking in the sun}

2.) Lucky Brand Women's Fitted Jean Jacket {A jean jacket is a must-have for everyones wardrobe. It is the perfect compliment to any look-no matter dressy or casual. Mix and match accessories to achieve different looks depending on the season and time of day}

3.) Topshop Perplex Heels {I have been lusting over these babies for quite some time now! I love the futuristic yet modern feel they evoke. You can see the use of perplex in every facet of fashion today, and these heels showcase the simple beauty of a see-though element}

4.) John Mayer Born and Raised Album {I am a die-hard John Mayer fan (as I am sure most of the World is), and I have been anxiously waiting for his new album release. After listening through Born And Raised, I can officially say that it is unlike any sound he has produced. The use of countrified elements and bluesy melodies make for wonderfully easy-listening, no matter what you may be doing}

5.) Fifty Shades Trilogy {One word...obsessed! This trilogy has hit the bookshelves by storm! Any time I leave the house, I hear at least a handful of people gossiping about one of the three. These books are extremely captivating and once you start reading you will not be able to put them down-trust me!}

6.) Nordstrom Serpent Ring {I love wearing gold rings on multiple fingers. Not only do they look extremely sharp and exquisitely chic, but they give your hands a glowing tan hue}

7.) ASOS Clear Clutch {Once again the perplex shows up. A clear clutch or cross body is perfect for summertime. Not only will it go with any look you put together, but since it is constructed of plastic it can get wet-making it the perfect add-on for pool or beach time!}

Stalking: The Lamp Edition

Rather than stalk an element of fashion, I decided to mix it up and take a peek into the world of lamps! Believe it or not, lamps can truly make or break the cohesiveness of a room. By finding the perfect hue, shape and light stream, you can transform an ordinary space into one filled with glorious color and ambiance. 
{This ceiling lamp is not only extremely functional (leaving more table/floor space) but it is extremely beautiful as well. The rich gold hue compliments the perfectly circular droplets. The light reflects through the structure in a whimsical yet edgy way}

{Believe it or not, a white lamp can really add pizazz to a space. Although you may be thinking, white...that seems extremely boring. However, the truth is, the color white can add a sleek, eye-catching element to a room filled with bold hues. By contrasting elements, you will add an element of surprise, rather than going with the expected}{A pair of yellow lamps...perfection. Yellow is such a versatile color and virtually mixes well with any color palette. The great thing about this hue is its sunny disposition. Try adding a pair of canary yellow lamps to your beside table or entryway table. You might be surprised with the reaction you feel when walking into a space with pops of cheerful yellow hues}

{An unexpected lamp is one of life's little pleasures. Whether it be a funky shape or cheeky colors, adding a personalized touch to a room will make your home feel like yours alone}

{Hanging lightbulbs is the modern day chandelier. I find this tactic to be extremely funky and new-age fresh. When designing your kitchen area, think about adding a line of different shaped lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. This will take the place of a traditional lighting fixture, making your area stand out amongst the typical cookie-cutter kitchen}

{The color blue is a very calming color. By picking elements with cool tones, and strategically placing them throughout your space, you will notice a serene flow moving from room to room} 


{On the contrary, the stark bleakness of a black table lamp can transform a living room or bedroom from whimsical blandness to pure engineered genius. Black is a very powerful color, and many overlook this addition to their home simply because of the intimidation factor. Knowing how to incorporate black into a living space can sometimes be tricky. Concentrate on a focal piece of artwork above your couch that has small flecks of black to incorporate your new lighting. Then, think about the addition of matching black table lamps for your new layout} 

Perfect Accents

In a current issue of Vogue, a wonderful layout was produced showcasing the perfect accents within a designers home. I found these specific photographs to be truly inspiring. When adding pieces to your living enviornment, it is extremely important to think outside of the box. Take a peek through these images and get inspired to add some creative touches to your existing rooms! Happy Decorating!
{I absolutely love the way the sunglasses are displayed in this picture. Who would have a thought-a bird cage for something other than birds...}
{As a jewelry fanatic myself, it is obvious why I would love this photograph. However, it goes beyond my passion for gorgeous accessories. The combination of bright, bold wallpaper, mixed with a black and white old photograph truly highlight these beautiful gems}

{When utilizing a side table, it is important to find the right balance. On my beside table you will a stack of books, just as you see here. Adding books not only provides you with spontaneous before-bed reading, but it also adds a touch of color and sophistication. I also love the addition of the water pitcher and colorful hued glasses. I don't know about you, but I am always extremely thirsty while in bed}

{A bedroom is a very personal thing. After all you sleep, dress and relax there. I find that putting extra work into your bedroom is the most satisfying element when home decorating. This lovely combination of brights and neutrals make it an extremely welcoming space. I am a huge fan of non-matching items, which makes me partial to this room}


**Try adding a few unexpected items throughout your living environment, you might be surprised at the difference it will make when walking into your home!

A Bold Spectrum

Take a peek at this season's gorgeous color palette. From neon pink to sea foam green, these fabulous colors are a wonderful addition to any look. PS-don't forget...mixing these hues is an absolute must! 

Clear Advantage

Transparent, see-thru, opaque, unclouded, whatever you would like to call it, clear items are all the rage right now! Below are some of my favorite must-have items!  


1.) Charlotte Olympia Clutch

2.) Michael Kors Watch

3.) asos Studded Cuff

4.) iPhone Case

5.) Nine West Flats

6.) Claire's Bubble Ring

7.) Topshop Clear Trench Coat 

8.) Martin Margiela Wedges 

9.) Easysport Tote Bag

10.) asos Triangle Earrings 

11.) Michael Kors & Alexis Bittar Necklace 


Inside My bag...

I thought it would be fun to give you peek into the space that holds all my essentials. I find it extremely important to have all the necessities located inside my bag at all times (you never know when something may come up). Although this little glimpse may look like quite a bit, there are plenty of additions on a daily basis!
Happy Wednesday 


Lucky Number Seven

1.) butter Nail Polish (Kisses & Blises) {Iridescent nail polish  is super fun for summertime. Sunlight will reflect upon your nails and show off a multi-faceted color spectrum}

2.) Agate Bookends (found at Home Goods) {I am a sucker for Home Goods, and when I found these beautiful and one of a kind book ends my love grew deeper. Bookends are not only a wonderful way to keep your bookshelf looking organized, but they also add flair and a pop of color. The great thing about agate book ends is that no pair will ever look like another}

3.) Dolce & Gabana Light Blue Perfume {This is my personal scent and will always be. The light and airy scent is the perfect combination of romance and intrigue}

4.) Anthropologie Gold & Silver Stud Earrings {I am a very big fan of mixing metals and it can be rather difficult to find a complimenting earrings. Well, here is the solution. Anthropologie offers these darling posts which consist of gold and silver-perfect for ANY ensemble} 

5.) Paper Source Thank You Stationary {I believe it is extremely important to have a variety of cards handy at all times. You never know when you might need to write a quick thank you note or birthday card. Paper Source has a wonderful variety of personalized stationary upon a plethora of other things}

6.) Blown Glass Decanter (found at Home Goods) {I have been on the hunt for a funky decanter to complete my bar cart for awhile now, and Home Goods has a great variety of modern as well as vintage looking pieces. Decanters are a superb way to add a little pizazz to an otherwise color-less bar area}

7.) I Love Your Style (by Amanda Brooks) {If any of you enjoy leisure reading, this book is ideal. Not only does it highlight ways to compliment different body types, but it pin points the importance of finding and owing your personal style. This book is a great and easy read!}

LA Finds

I wanted to share a few of my favorite hidden treasures with you. Each place is absolutely wonderful and unique to Los Angeles! Get out and enjoy the city!


Viet Noodle Bar {northern-style vietnamese} The menu at this glorious restaurant is crazy good. My favorite thing is the soy milk. The owner and chef, Viet, makes it by hand-crushing soy beans, fermenting them, and then infusing them with herbs and spices-YUM! He is a craftsman of northern Vietnamese cuisine, where the food is simple, gently spiced and extremely seasonal. This restaurant is heavenly. 


FAVORITES: pennywort green juice, housemade organic soymilk, vietnamese coffee, lemongrass oragnic chicken sandwich, spiced noodles.


3133 Glendale Boulevard (Altwater Village) 323.906.1575



Lake {a lovely women's boutique} There are some stores that you can shop in over and over again, and then there are stores that you want to immediately transfer everything to your closet. Lake is that store. What makes this space so special is the way the precise way the components are stocked. 


FAVORITES: malene biger, ever, mm6, matta, le mont st. michel, vpl, etoile, raquel allegra, sandra barr, improvd


1618 Silver Lake Boulevard (Silver Lake) 323.664.6522



Tavin {vintage boutique} Shopping here is like being in the midst of an interactive art installation where the theme of vintage is beyond the norm. I think this spot is the most original and expressive vintage shop I have come across. Every single item tells its own beautiful story. 


FAVORITES: redesigned vintage, boho batik, tavin necklaces


1543 Echo Park Avenue (Echo Park) 213.482.5832



Bountiful {pretty things for a pretty home} This whimsical shop is perfect for the individual who enjoys unique pieces and knick knacks for their home. The collections within this space are exquisite. 


FAVORITES: shells, cake stands, lamps, chandeliers, vintage armoires, bath products


1335 Abbot Kinney Boulevard (Venice) 310.450.3620



In Mint Condition

Mint is such a wonderful hue for all skin tones. It instantly tans your skin while giving you a glowing look. If you look around, you will see that the color mint has popped up just about everywhere! From clothing to accessories and even the tips of hair! I wanted to share a variety of images incorporating the whimsical feel of a minty fresh add on! Happy Friday Everyone!  


Beach Daze

Cleanse your color palette to match sun washed shores and greet the swell season with airy earth-tone cover-ups, hang-loose jewelry and sun-kissed beauty products for this summer season!


1.) Forever 21 Maxi Dress {An effortless go-to look that can be thrown on in less than one minute}


2.) DIY Ombre Jean Shorts {Check out this tutorial to make your own awesome summer jean shorts! http://www.seventeen.com/fashion/blog/diy-ombre-shorts}


3.) Topshop Cream Sunglasses {The perfect shade of color for sun kissed skin}


4.) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock (in varying SPF's) {Although most of us neglect using sunscreen, it is crucial to maintain healthy skin. This sunblock is wonderful because of its sheer finish}


5.) Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Cream Lotion {This lotion provides a luxurious, highly moisturizing, pampering  indulgent experience for your body after spending time in the sun}


6.) Benefit Sun Beam Complexion Highlighter (Golden Bronze) {Consider this liquid sunshine in a bottle. The golden bronze highlighter gives you a natural, sunkissed radiance. Dot and blend over makeup onto cheek and browbones for a bronzed glow that complements all skintones} 


7.) Josie Maran Daily Sun Protection Argan Oil (w/ SPF 40) {This natural formula physically blocks UVA rays that can cause up to 80 percent of premature aging. It also blocks the harmful UVB rays that we encounter on sunny days or at the beach}


8.) Old navy Beachy Dress & Cover-up {A flowery cover-up and dress is a must for the summer season. It can be easily carried with you inside your oversized tote!}


9.) MAC Suntints SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm {Keep your lips looking moist and radiant with this tinted lip balm. With the SPF 20, this product is the perfect combination of sheer color, delicious vanilla flavor, and five colorful shades to choose from}


10.) DIY Iridescent Necklace  {Head over to your nearest bead store (Michaels for example) and grab some iridescent beads. This will make for a wonderfully colorful piece to wear with any look during summer}


11.) BKR Water Bottles {Bkr is a new half-liter glass bottle that is safely wrapped in a silicone sleeve. Its five chic shades are just the beginning of its thoughtful design: It’s got a smaller mouth for smoother sips and a cap that untwists in fewer than two turns, something you’ll appreciate more while in the middle of something}


12.) Shishedo Refreshing Sun Protection SPF Spray {This spray offers broad-spectrum safety for your hair, scalp and even your skin while you are exposed to extensive UVA and UVB sun rays. It is lightweight, virtually odorless, water-resistant and comes in a sporty spray bottle that even spritzes upside down}

Lucky Number Seven


1.) DIY Wall Art {A wonderful way to spruce up the space above your couch or bed is a large bright painting. The exciting part is, you can do it yourself! Head over to your nearest craft store and grab a large canvas and acrylic paints. When choosing colors, think of a specific color scheme that will compliment your existing room. Try to contain it to less than five colors. The best way to create a cohesive look is to stick within two color families and pick different hues of each. Paint away without thinking too much. Just enjoy yourself, take a break, and come back. You will know when it is complete!}

2.) asos Arm Cuffs {Arms cuffs are all the rage right now! They are a wonderfully subtle way to funk up your look without adding gaudy knick knacks. asos' cuffs are beautifully crafted and extremely sturdy}

3.) Elle Decor Italia {This magazine is the bees knees! I am telling you, if any of you are interested in beautiful interiors, this is where to gawk! I love Elle Decor magazine to begin with, but give me the Italian version and ooh la la kiss kiss kiss}

4.) Clinique Chubby Stick {Have you been searching for a quenching lip product? Well, voila here it is! These lip sticks are the perfect combination of color and moisture. PS-they contain SPF which makes them wonderful for summer time!}

5.) Target Wooden Serving Bowl {When entertaining, step outside the box with your serving pieces. Not only will it add pizzaz to your table, but it will also inspire others to take their entertaining to a new level. Target has wonderful dining pieces at extremely affordable prices-check it out. Happy entertaining!}

6.) Zara Studded Clutch Bag {If you have been following my blog, you have probably noticed that I am a huge fan of Zara. The quality of their products is astounding! This new clutch is the perfect mix match of structured masculinity and silky black femininity} 

7.) Bed Bath & Beyond Hook Wall Mount {If any of you are accessory lovers like I am, you must keep in mind that an organized jewelry area is a happy jewelry area. Of course you want to enjoy and wear your accessories, therefore it is crucial to keep them in order. Think combining color families. This will make it easier when choosing an item}


Happy Wednesday!

Cohesive Interiors

When creating home environments, consider incorporating a consistent color scheme. Pick a hue that suits your specific liking, and disperse it into all areas of your living space. This will not only keep your home looking cohesive and visually appealing, but it will also make items transitional and easily versatile for mixing and matching room to room. Below I have composed an example of this technique The color I chose to work with was yellow. Peek through to get some inspiration for your living space! Happy Tuesday!




Treat Yourself

1.) Mani/Pedi {It is always important to take care of your body and keep it clean, so whenever you have some extra money to spend, treat yourself to a mani or pedi (or both if your wallet allows). This is a wonderfully relaxing way to de-stress and do something nice for yourself. In between spa appointments, take a ten minute break from your hectic lifestyle and clean up your fingers and toes yourself}

2.) Movie & Popcorn Night {Sometimes it is nice to spend a night in watching movies and indulging in some buttery popcorn. Make it a ritual to spend every other Saturday night in with some friends and catch up some flicks!}

3.) Fashion Magazines {Whataver it is you enjoy reading, set aside a few extra bucks each month, and treat yourself to your favorite magazine. It is quite lovely to give your mind a break and enjoy some leisure reading}

4.) Special Dinner Date {No matter who may want to share a special meal with, make it a habit to treat yourself to a unique meal once a month. Search for new restaurants in your neighboring areas-Check out groupon for local deals (that is where I find new places to try on a budget!) }

5.) An Accessory {When on a budget (like most of us are), it is nice to splurge on a small item every one in awhile. For me, it's accessories. This is a great way to purchase a small something that is inexpensive and extremely versatile (Forever 21 and H&M are great spots for frugal treats) }

Lucky Number Seven


1.) Sugar Fresh Lip Balm (in Plum) {I have been addicted to Sugar Lip Balms for quite some time, and this one in particular is my favorite. It not only has protective elements of sunscreen and vitamins, but the color is absolutely wonderful. It will give your lips a subtle tint while moisturizing them!}

2.) Cocktails For Her & Him (buy @ Amazon/Anthropologie) {I recently came across this book duo and could not put it down! The drink creations are super inventive and extremely accurate for male and female tastes-highly recommend}

3.) ASOS Lilac Jeans {Pastel colored denim is very in trend right now. This pair of ASOS denim is very reasonably priced and come in a plethora of pastel hues!}

4.) Fruit Popsicles {A wonderful and easy to make treat for summertime! INGREDIENTS: 1 peach-cut into 1/2 inch slices. 2 kiwis-peeled and sliced into 1/4 inch rounds, 3/4 cup strawberries-finiely chopped, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1 1/2 cups of 100% apple or grape juice. DIRECTIONS: 1.) Combine fruit in mixing bowl and separate the mixture into eight 3 ounce molds. 2.) Pour enough juice into each mold just enough to cover fruit. 3.) Insert popsicle sticks and freeze until solid-apprx. 6 hours-YUM!}

5.) Milk h2O Body Lotion {This body lotion is superb for the dryness of summer. It is light enough that it does not leave an oily residue but moisturizing enough to leave your skin feeling quenched}

6.) H&M Sunglass (in light blue) {These sunglasses are new to H&M. The color and shape is super fun and funky, and not to mention really inexpensive!}

7.) Organize It Store Shoe Cubbies {If any of you are like me, organizing your shoes is a must! Rather that throwing them in an un-findable bin or closet, go for one of these shoe cubbies! It makes picking a pair of shoes much easier and adds for a fun display to your room}

How-To Do The Boyfriend Jean

I must say I am a very big fan of throwing on a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are so unbelievably comfortable! A great way to update a pair of old boyfriend jeans is to add on a few exciting pieces. For example, start by slipping on a soft over-sized white tee. This should be a staple in everyones wardrobe! Next, try an uber-colorful blazer. Something with a pattern or bold hues will do the trick! Next, think accessories. A dainty chain necklace with a small pendant will give your ensemble a fresh feel! Also add on a fist full of bangles (preferably in the same material as your necklace, this will keep your look cohesive). Don't forget a chunky cocktail ring (this will give your look a vibrant and personalized touch)! Another great addition for this get-up is an eye-catching scarf. Depending on the season, you will want to adjust the thickness of the material, but always think bold! The finishing touches? a great bag in a neutral hue and a fabulous pair of black booties! 
Happy Wednesday!


Stalking: Street Style Edition

This week I thought it would be fun to stalk real people in their everyday get-ups. Below are images of street style that I find extremely fabulous! Style can in fact be effortless on a day to day basis. The trick? Don't over think it. Simply pile on items until you feel comfortable. This is the perfect way to showcase your personal style without spending five hours getting ready! Give it a go =)
{Slouchy, silky pants are my recent go-to item. They are unbelievably comfortable and not to mention chic! Try them out in different vibrant colors for summer!}

{Jumpsuits=heaven. In my personal opinion, jumpsuits are the absolute easiest way to get ready in a timely fashion. Simple throw one on and accessorize to your liking!}

{I have recently been obsessed with mixing patterns. Although for some, it may feel a bit disheveled, I believe it shows flair in a very unique way}

{A multi-hued skirt and a structured black blazer is an optimal choice for work attire. Not only can this look be versatile, switching from day to evening, but it is appropriate and fashionable. Add on different accessories depending on the time of day, and you are set for fabulousness!}

{This look is amazing! I love the subtle sexiness. By incorporating a leather skirt and a grandmother style sweater, you are mixing complete opposites. This makes for a unique and intriguing look}  

{Layers! They are the best way to get dressed. By mixing colors throughout your layers, you will achieve texture. The best thing about layers are their versatility. Say you get warm while running around doing errands, you can take off your jacket. While meeting a friend for dinner in the evening you can slip it back on and add a scarf! Perfection!}

{Sunglasses are an easy add-on to any look. If you are not in the mood for a full-on make-up day, throw on some funky glasses and you will transform from sleepy girl to chic fashionista!}

{Showing a little midriff is one of my favorite trends right now. The best thing about this new style is the way the look is achieved. By wearing a high waisted bottom and a short top, you are exposing the best part of your stomach-it is extremely flattering}

{This look is fun, fresh and great for a day out and about. By layering different style tops, you will look put together in an effortless way}

{This cheetah coat is absolutely fabulous! The best thing about a statement coat is that it does all the work for the rest of your outfit}

{Layering neutral hues make for a feminine look. Try mixing a print and a plain item for the best overall composition}

{Vests are another example of effortless fabulousness. Try to find vests with intricate detail throughout. This will make the rest of your look pop!}

{Boyfriend jeans, great heals and a sleek coat. This ensamble can be very easily achieved. Ripped boyfriend jeans are one of my go-to's on a weekly basis. To spruce them up, add a bold pair of heals, a colorful top and  leather-sleeved jacket!} 

Strut your street style! 

The Work Sanctuary

Below are some inspiring images of wonderfully designed home offices. Your work area, although designated for work, should be a whimsical sanctuary. During your next cleaning session, think about going through your desk to rid it of old papers, dried out pens/markers and frizolous unnessesary items. Once your area is workable again, think about adding a few upgrades here and there. This could consist of a new lamp, inspirational books or perhaps incorporating a different color palette!  


DIY Tree Branch Lamp

Turn a standard table lamp into a sculptural centerpiece by covering a spindle base with a tangle of graceful birch branches. The look is extremely fresh and organic! Happy Creating!


Skill Level: Beginner



*dry, fallen tree branches



*Matte white spray paint {or color of your choice}

*hot-glue gun

*lamp & shade



1.) Cut wood to height of lamp base {varying lengths slightly}. Sand the cut ends

2.) Clean and dry wood. Apply several thin coats of paint to all surfaces of each branch {let air dry after each coat}

3.) Glue wood vertically to cover lamp base


What better way to end the week than with some shiny eye candy! Happy Friday Everyone! 






Lucky Number Seven

1.) Martha Stewart Glitter Pack {This little item is a new find for me. The glitter can be utilized for a plethora of jobs. Whether you are adding a little shimmer to an otherwise neutral nail polish, or personalizing thank you notes, this pack is well worth it}

2.) Tucker Silk Trousers {This style of pant, is my go-to favorite for upcoming seasons. The oversized style of these trousers, make them extremely comfortable as well as giving your ensemble a super chic vibe. Check out Zara's new, bold-printed silk pants, they are amazing!}

3.) DIY Door Knob Wine Stopper {This a fun and easy way to create a personalized wine stopper. They also make wonderful gifts! Check out this site for a step by step creation guide} http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_7838133_instructions-door-knob-wine-stopper.html

4.) Johnathan Adler Pen {People definitely underestimate the importance of a nice pen. It shows others that you are serious and prepared in a personalized way. This fun pen can be found at Barnes and Noble}

5.) Anthropologie Valise Journal {What better to go with your special pen, than a stylish and portable journal. You never know when a brilliant idea may come about, or when you may need to jot down a potential client's contact information-trust me!}

6.) Moroccan Oil {The end all be all of gorgeous, frizz free hair! Pour a small dime size amount into the palm of your hand and run through damp or dry hair. This will give your hair the no muss, no fuss look you've been dying for}

7.) Kenneth Wingard Truffault Lamps {Although these specific lamps are way out of my personal budget, I wanted to share them because of their shape and color. A pair of canary hued lamps will transform your living room or bedroom from drab to fab. Check out Home Goods for some great look-alikes!}

The Fresh Faced Make-Up Expo

After much experimentation with make-up products, I decided to share my favorites with you! I prefer a very natural look when it comes to the application of make-up, so you will find that all of these products share a neutral hue. I have listed the following products in order of how I apply them. I hope you find this helpful and perhaps get turned on to some new items!




Happy Tuesday =)


1.) Bare Minerals Original SPF Foundation {100% THE BEST foundation ever. I am not a fan of liquid make-up, so this powder is the perfect amount of coverage without feeling weighed down}


2.) MAC Studio Finish Concealer {Covers those dark circles we all know and hate}


3.) Bare Minerals Primetime Eyelid Primer in "Brightening" {Wakes-up your eyes in the most amazing way}


4.) Sephora Eyebrow Clear Mascara {If you have unruly brows, which mind you are very in right now, a little clear taming gel will be all you need}


5.) Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer {The perfect amount of shimmer and bronzing without looking like the lovely Snooki}


6.) Lorac Baked Satin Blush in "Flaunt" {A great pop of pink for the apples of your cheek}




7.) L'oreal True Match Blush in "Innocent Flush" {A more neutral coral hue that is perfection for summertime}


8.) Studio Gear Eyeshadow in "Champagne Frost" {I tend to not wear much eyeshadow, but this color is light enough and adds a little sparkle}


9.) Urban Decay 24 Hr Glide On Eye Pencil in "Demolition" {I like using a dark brown because I find it does not look as "hard" as black otherwise would}


10.) Sephora Eyelash Curler {Curling your lashes will help the mascara stick and last longer}


11.) Clinique High Intensity Curling Mascara {If you are like me and have stick straight lashes, this mascara is the cure all end all. I prefer the color black}


12.) MAC Lustre Lipstick in "Politely Pink" {A wonderfully subtle hue that is creamy and extremely moisturizing}


13.) NARS Lipgloss in "Striptease" {If you decide to go with the L'oreal coral blush, I would suggest this neutral gloss to compliment it}




14.) Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in "Pout" {If you decide to go with the Lorac pink blush, I recommend using this pop of pearly pink for your lips}

Shoe Stalking

Another stalking escapade...
{Two-tone flat booties are perfection for spring/summer}
{Flower Power! These little babies are so fun and flirty. They could be worn with jeans and a tee or dressed up with a minimalist cocktail dress}
{Leaf shoes-who knew! These black and gold heels are so cute for the upcoming seasons}
{What can I say, I am a sucker for boots. These darlings are a mix between worker-boot and cowboy-boot. The color and multi-texture finish are perfection}
{Black and white + stripes = heaven. Wedges are a great alternative to the sometimes painful heels, and not to mention extremely chic}
{I have seen these Doc Martin sneaker look-alikes everywhere! But the the canary yellow color of these beauties is really what make them pop}
{To me, the mix of black leather and wood are the best combination possible. Not only does this pairing look extremely well-crafted, but versatile as well}
{Coral is one of the "it" colors for summer. These suede wedges are the perfect compliment to any look, day or night}
{God bless America! I feel like these shoes should be worn during a parade or something pride worthy. The mix of white leather and gold studded detailing is absolutely wonderful}

{Good news- the combat boot is still very much in style! This studded version has the potential for rocker chic or boho native}

{If I had to live in one pair of shoes for the rest of my life it would be these! I absolutely love thigh-high boots}
{Oh florals, how I do love thee. Printed shoes are a great element to add to any look. Not only will they give it texture, but a pop of color as well}
{Booties and socks, a great duo. This look is so versatile because it can be done throughout every season. How you might ask? Change out the thickness of your socks}
{Flats with an unexpected pop of color...glorious for all occasions}
{My philosophy...the thicker the heel the greater the deal! Shoes with a wide heel are not only more comfortable but elongate and shape your legs even more}
{I believe we should all own a pair of great flats. Personally, I love studs, so these flats are perfection}
{A great investment? A bold hued pair of heels. No matter the style, look for some that will add a pop of fun to your everyday looks}

[Cheetah boots, what more could a girl ask for?!}

Street Style

What better little treat for a Sunday afternoon than some inspiring images of fabulous street style. Below I have composed a montage of wonderfully put together looks. I hope you enjoy! 
Happy Sunday 


Cut The Clutter

If any of you know me personally, you can attest to the fact that I am abnormally organized. Because of this, I decided to put together some stradegies to help you minimize the clutter around your home. Throughout this tutorial I will go step by step, room by room. Below are some ideas for your kitchen and bathroom! Next week I will showcase new rooms! I hope you find this helpful and a bit fun! After all, organizing can be one of life's little pleasures =) TGIF 


If any of you are like me, the kitchen is the most popular room in my living space. It is the hub of all activity. With the hustle and bustle of cooking, entertaining and not to mention eating, I believe it is extremely important to have a highly efficient and warmly inviting space. The golden rule? Make the most of the space you do have, don't worry about trying to hide everything, but rather design a space that will work for you. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in there!


A cluttered bathroom is just the funniest concept to me. After all it is the one place where we all go to get tidied up! Rather than overflowing your sanctuary with toiletries and stacks of towels, organize your bathroom by utilizing the space you do have available. Whether it be a small powder room or a sprawling master bath, it is crucial to think creatively about your area. A few quick updates can give your bathroom a refreshing new feel. 

Below I composed a table with some easy time management tips! I hope you find it helpful =)



The Good Kind Of Black & Blue

I thought I would have a little photo gallery today depicting the bold hues of black and blue. Throughout these images, the subtle use of the two colors is perfectly proportionate to its surrounding area. When incorporating vibrant colors into your living space, it is important to remember the value of thirds. For example, in this tutorial, for every use of a black or blue accent, there is a balance of white. This technique will not only make your bold hues look bolder, but your neutrals look crisper! Scroll through this home tutorial and get some inspiration for spicing up the color palette in your home! 


{Living Room}

{Fire Place/Seating Area}


{Dining Area}


Totes Amazing!

I am a big fan of tote bags because of their practicality. They are versatile enough to go with any look and large enough to lug around all of our belongings. Whether you are traveling, grocery shopping or running errands, a tote bag is the easier accessory to grab on the go. Below are some of this season's tote bags in a variety of colors, styles and shapes. Happy Wednesday =)


1.) Aldo "Caddick" Floral Tote  

2.) Zara Shopper Tote 

3.) Amazon Moroccan Straw Beach Bag

4.) Zara Gold Studded Tote 

5.) Forever 21 Canvas Tote

6.) J Crew Polka Dot Tote

7.) Aldo Neon Tote 

8.) J Crew Metallic Carry-All

Lucky Number Seven

1.) Anthropologie's Agate Coasters {I recently purchased a few of these during one of Anthropologie's phenomenal sales. They emulate the most radiant colors. These coasters come in many different hues to compliment your color scheme}

2.) Plenty {This book is abolsutely fabulous! If any of you enjoy non-traditional takes on a variety of vegetables, I highly recommend this little gem. I recently tried the goat cheese and fennel-WOW!}

3.) Vintage Dress Form {Dress forms are a wonderful way to create looks, and the fact that this piece is vintage, makes it all the more special. This form was thrifted at a flea market}

4.) Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo {This is a great weekly detox for product junkies. Like myself. Use this shampoo once a week to rid your hair of residue, hard water minerals, and pollutants}

5.) DIY City Name Wall Art {For the longest time, I wanted to have a piece like this for over a bar area. The funny thing is, it can be easily created on your own. Materials needed: canvas, paint brush, brown and cream paint, stencils}

6.) Zara's Red Carry-All Bag {This bag is pure perfection. It consists of the ideal pop of color in a creamy leather bag}

7.) Acrylic Chair {I have a bit of an obsession with see-through items (you may have noticed with my choice of shoes, accessories, etc.) This specific chair is located on Amazon and is the perfect compliment to any rustic table}


I absolutely love hosting little events at my place, so I thought I would share some of my easy, non-stress tips to make your soirée as fabulous as you are! Enjoy!
1.) An easy no-fuss hairdo that will make you look effortlessly chic while running around as the host
2.) A bold-hued jumper that is breezy and extremely comfortable
3.)  A statement necklace that is dainty enough not to clang around while cooking, entertaining, etc.
4.)  Fuchsia colored lips for a pop of excitement on your face {Since you will be greeting everyone with a smile}
5.) Simple diamond earrings {Faux is perfectly great} that will add a little shimmer when moving about
6.) Funky and fun wedges that are extremely comfortable and fashionable 


1.) A large serving bowl in a metallic hue for salad, pasta, etc.


2.) Groupings of white hydrangeas in clear vases along your table  


3.) Wooden serving utensils for a rustic feel 


4.) Wine/water glasses which chalkboard labels {These are absolutely fabulous for entertaining because you can write your guests names and when finished, they wipe right off}


5.) A variety of candles add a welcoming feel {My go-to candles are found at Anthropologie}


6.) Bold napkins in a native american pattern add a festive vibe to the table


7.) DIY metallic napkin rings {These are super easy and extremely fun. I suggest using stretch cord, which can be found at any craft store}


8.) A textured water pitcher {Whenever entertaining I always make sure to have a water pitcher on the table. These will alleviate the need to run back and forth to the fridge}


9.) Non-traditional colored silverware {I really love using gold and silver in the same setting}

DIY Braided Clay Bracelets

Polymer clay is an extremely easy way to create jewelry. The best part about it is that if you mess up, mash it up and start again! Below is a step by step tutorial for your creation process! Enjoy!

What you'll need: {Polymer clay & Razor blade}

{Start by kneading the clay with your hands in order to soften it for better use}

{Use the palm of your hand to roll out three long pieces}

{Combine the top of all three strings together and begin braiding}

{Use your wrist as a guideline and measure the length in which you want your bracelet to be. Then use the razor blade to cut off the remainder}

{Gently connect the two ends together and bake for 25 minutes at 245 degrees}

{This is what your finished product will look like!}

{Wear proudly knowing you created fun and one-of-a-kind bracelets!}


Happy Sunday & indulge yourself by doing something creative!


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